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Our guest for lunch this week was Author and HR Guru Theresa Rich. She shared with us some of what went into her most recent book, Staying Same in Crazy Times. It is about making choices to find and achieve your mighty purpose, no matter what craziness is going on around you. Using short, engaging stories of everyday life, readers are coached to make good choices to help them be their best. The workbook format helps readers take ownership have self-accountability. We are living in more than a time of change; we’re living in crazytimes change, possibly total upheaval. Even the good stuff, like the unprecedented access regular people have to food and information, is being dumped on us faster than we can cope.Her talk was captivating, and the book was a big hit in the after-the-show show, where she autographed copies for several lucky Xemplars. Thanks for stopping by Theresa, we had a great time!

Our guest for lunch last week was Paul Melrose, Executive Director of Samaritan Counseling Center. The Samaritan Counseling Center was organized in 1986 by local congregations to provide quality therapy within the context of a client’s religious values. The center uses both theology and psychology while serving clients in an atmosphere of care and respect. Serving this area for 24 years, they partner with many local agencies as they serve the mental, emotional and spiritual needs of our residents. Xemplar Club President Nancy Bates was one of the original members of the Board of Directors of this great organization almost a quarter century ago. Their annual fundraiser is a golf outing scheduled for June 23. Funds raised help subsidize the costs of treating those lleast able to afford the needed services. To find out more about Samaritan Counseling Centers or the upcoming golf outing, visit their web site at www.samaritancounselingmichigan.com.

Our guest this week was Jan Jacobs, the Farmington Hills Artist in Residence for 2009-10. Jan brought along several pieces of her award winning art work, including some spectacular quilts. She talked about her experiences over the past year, representing cultural arts in our community. Jan has worked hard and enjoyed every minute of displaying her work and educating the community about quilt-making. She is also a member of the Farmington Community Arts Council, Farmington Players Barn, Summer Community Theater, and the Library Quilt Group. As the current reigning Artist in Residence, she has given lectures and been featured in the Farmington Observer and on Channel 10 Public Access television.

Our newest Xemplar Club member is someone we are all familiar with. Tupper Door and Window has joined with a corporate membership. Of course, Dick Tupper was a long-time member, and previous President, of the organization we all used to belong to (whose name we can no longer mention). Our newest members include Dick’s wife Donna, daughter Barbara Dresden, and son Brian Tupper. We are thrilled to have not just one, but three Tuppers in the Xemplar Club! Welcome Donna, Barbara and Brian.

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