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Our guest for lunch this week was Carroll Knight, owner of Knight Enterprises, a leader in the Petroleum Fueling Industry. Carroll spoke about the extraordinary growth throughout the years which has lead to his company's expertise in providing petroleum products to the retail gasoline market. With over 75 skilled employees, Knight Enterprises provides services and products for retail and commercial uses. They provide a “One Stop” solution to assist customers operating in their business efficiently and effectively in today’s competitive market. The services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Knight is headquartered in Novi, and operates 30 retail outlets and supplies over 150 retail locations throughout Michigan and Ohio. Xemplars were surprised to learn that an average gallon of gasoline at the pump includes over 60 cents in state and federal taxes. In addition, the average credit card transaction costs the retailer another 10 cents/gallon in fees.

Knight Enterprises are distributors for Sunoco, Citgo and Valero products. Knight’s subsidiaries Delta Fuels-Michigan and Delta Fuels-Ohio own and operate petroleum storage terminals with a combined total storage capacity of 25,000,000 gallons of gasoline, diesel, ethanol, racing fuel and jet fuel.To learn more about Knight Enterprises visit www.knightdealers.com.

Our guests for lunch this week were Sidney, Wayne & CJ Bonvallet, the founders of "Helping Hands Touching Hearts". Their mission is to bring hope to the hearts of remote tribal villages in Africa by supplying them with clothing, medical and school supplies, malaria protection and a few play things. In addition, they support education and teach skillful trades so they can earn resources to supply their basic needs and experience the pride of self empowerment. Their hope is to promote peace and community between the affluent and less fortunate in our world, thus creating an adventure in “making a difference,” while moving closer to a world that is more safe and connected.They brought along a video of one of their trips there which helped us sense the mystery and adventure of the environment, history, culture of the Shangaan Tribe. Each year the charity holds fundraisers to purchase everything from clothing to agricultural equipment and other supplies to help the tribes survive. They have to get through a corrupt system of borders to reach their final destination. Many of the people in the tribe have only one or two pieces of clothing, and had never seen shoes. If you would like to learn more about this group and their mission, or help out with their next trip, visit their web site.

Our guest for lunch this week was Guy Stern. He is known as one of the Ritchie Boys of World War II. The Ritchie Boys exhibit is currently on display at the Holocaust Museum on Orchard Lake Road, and an independent video project on DVD about them is being sold at the museum gift shop. Admission is free, donations are accepted.

Born in 1922 in Hildesheim, Germany he was the only member of his family of five who was able to emigrate to the USA in 1937. After High School he enrolled at a university, but was inducted in the U.S. Army in 1942. After his basic training he was transferred to Camp Ritchie and became a POW interrogator. Two days after D-Day, he arrived in Normandy with Fred Howard, also a Ritchie Boy, he interrogated German prisoners in France and Germany and received the Bronze Star.

After Germany’s capitulation, he returned to the U.S. in 1945 to continue his studies and became an instructor for German Language and Literature at Columbia University. Today he is a Distinguished Professor for German at Wayne State University in Detroit.

On September 14, we welcomed a large contingent of guests from numerous local chiritable and non-profit organizations for our traditional "Annual Donation Day". Thanks to the hard work of our members all year long, we were able to donate over $21,000 to these organizations:

  • Boy Scouts of America, Ottawa District
  • Call to Action Coalition
  • Care House
  • Common Ground Sanctuary
  • Dr. Paws Pet Therapy
  • Farmington Area Goodfellows
  • Farmington Community Band
  • Farmington Hills After School Program
  • Farmington Hills Meals on Wheels
  • Farmington YMCA
  • Farmington Youth Assistance
  • Girl Scouts of America
  • Haven House
  • Mayor's Youth Council
  • Neighborhood House
  • Salvation Army
  • Samaritan Counseling Center
  • Sweet Dreamzzz
  • Team Farmington Special Olympics
  • Underground Railroad Museum
  • Youth Suicide Prevention Program

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