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On December 21, we held our (traditional) Second Annual Holiday Gift eXChange! Xemplar Club Sheriff Brian Nocella made a list and checked it twice. That was good news for many of our Xemplars who were once again on the naughty list. It was our last meeting of 2011, and without a doubt, the hottest gift seen changing hands was a bottle of Gray Goose vodka. Donated by Xemplar Terry Seraceno, this top-shelf beverage was briefly possessed by most members of the club who were present. The pick-a-new-gift or steal-someone-else’s policy made for a spirited meeting (pun intended).

Mark is an Elder Law attorney whose resume includes being an adjunct professor at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law, where he taught courses on income taxation, estate, gift tax, pensions and employee benefits. He is a frequent lecturer on estate planning topics and is an author of four books: The Michigan Estate Planning Guide, Lost and Found: Finding Self-Reliance After the Loss of a Spouse, Medicaid and Long Term Care in Michigan: Getting Good Care Without Going Broke, and his latest, Blood & Money: Why Families Fight Over Inheritance and What to Do About It. Mark shared with our group many of the issues he sees every day when families lose a loved one and the heirs have disputes over the estate. He stressed the importance of carefully planning for the orderly distribution of assets before it’s too late. Mark talked about the psychological reasons why families fight, and practical legal remedies to prevent such blood-letting inheritance disputes.

Our guest for lunch this week was famed local historian and video editor Brian Golden. The subject was SWOCC. We checked, and according to Google, SWOCC stands for Stichting Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Commerciele Communicatie, the Dutch broadcasting company. Upon further research, we discovered it is also an acronym for Southwestern Oakland Cable Commission. SWOCC was formed when the three cities (Farmington, Farmington Hills and Novi) joined together to negotiate a contract in 1982 with MetroVision (cable television provider at the time).

The mission of community access for the Southwestern Oakland Cable Commission (SWOCC) is to bring local residents, schools, governments, religious organizations, service groups and businesses together through constructive, prudent uses of communication technologies to build and enhance community.

SWOCC Studios offers state-of-the-art equipment, two studios, four channels for playback, one allocated for each city and one public access channel for the public in all three cities. PEG is the acronym for Public, Educational and Government programming. Brian explained the various opportunities within SWOCC for local citizens to create and broadcast their own shows as part of the PEG program. SWOCC also offers commercial nd web videos, DVD duplication and tape transfers. The four access channels are cablecast in the cities of Farmington, Farmington Hills, and Novi on the Bright House Cable and AT&T U-Verse to approximately 40,000 households.


Our guest for lunch this week was John Nunneley, Vice President at Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas in Farmington Hills. Hitachi is a combination of two Japanese words, "HI" meaning "THE SUN" and "TACHI" meaning to "RISE OR STAND". The combination of these two words express a vision of man looking toward the rising sun and planning a better life, a better future, for all mankind.

Hitachi has recently moved all of the employees from their Allen Park facility to their new, expanded campus here in Farmington Hills. That's great news for our community because "Taking Pride in Being a Good Corporate Citizen" is the mantre of Hitachi Automotive Systems. They are involved in many community groups and activities, striving to bring a better way of life to local communities. Whether fundraising for worthy charities, supporting educational programs, funding health and welfare programs, or participating in local conservation and clean-up activities, Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas, Inc. and its employees are doing their best to enhance the health, safety, education and overall quality of life in our communities.

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