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Our guest for lunch this week was Xemplar Richard Lerner, Farmington Hills Mayor Pro-Tem and founder of the F2H Fit Challenge. The program's mantra is “Eat well. Exercise regulary. Have more birthdays”. Michigan was recently ranked the 5th most obese state in the country, with 1 in 3 people overweight. The F2H Fit Challenge is a Farmington and Farmington Hills cities-wide initiative to help all of us achieve better health, and encourage a culture of healthy lifestyles in our community. The program and web site launch in mid-January, and the goal is to lose 500,000 pounds and log 1,000,000 miles in one year. 

The new www.f2hfit.com web site is dedicated to providing information, tools and support for health, wellness and fitness programs. Registering is free for people who live or work in our two cities. Everyone is invited to join us as our 2 cities work together to lose 500,000 lbs and log 1,000,000 miles! Sign up online and join the Xemplar Club group (and any others you see or want to create). Then challenge friends or co-workers to join you in the cause.

The web site helps users keep a journal of their progress, and adds their statistics to any groups they have formed or joined. Resources include healthy recipes, exercise tips, lifestyle advice and more. A dashboard on the front page tracks our progress for the entire enrolled populations of our two cities.

This week we held our annual Goodfellows Appreciation Luncheon, our largest meeting of the year. Originally, a group of "fellows" in the Farmington Exchange Club decided to combine forces with other service clubs in the Farmington area to provide assistance to needy families around Christmas time. The results of the first year were gratifying, and the Goodfellows movement was on its way! This week we celebrated the hard work of this 60 year old community service organization.

Until 1973, our club sponsored the Goodfellows, and our members continue to be a driving force behind the program. The Farmington Area Goodfellows are now a separate organization but have the same objective, "No Child or Senior without a holiday".

Nothing says Happy Holidays like lunch with an IRS Criminal Investigator. That's why our guest for lunch this week was IRS Criminal Investigations Agent Erick Martinez. Recently acknowledged for his role in bringing a Highland Park School Board member to justice for (allegedly) stealing over $125,000 from the district.

Erik's group has also been involved in the current investigation into alleged malfeasance in the city of Detroit. The case is currently in court, and we've all been hearing the stories of bribery and contract rigging. Many of these are investigated by the IRS, where Erik and his staff use forensic auditing techniques to trace the transactions, text messages, emails, documents and more.

The IRS is often the agency of last resort when other investigative groups believe criminal activity is taking place, but cannot prove it. More often than not, these activities result in significant monetary transactions that the IRS is able to identify in the course of their investigations.

Our guest this week was Nolan Finley, the Editorial Page Editor of The Detroit News, a position he's held since May of 2000. He directs the expression of the newspaper's editorial position on various national and local issues, and also writes a column in the Sunday newspaper.

Nolan Finley joined The Detroit News staff as a copy boy in 1976 while he was still a student. He navigated the positions of reporter, deputy managing editor, business editor, city editor and opinion leader to eventually become the editorial page editor.

With Finley at the helm, the newspaper has attracted awards with its massive projects, such as the crash of Northwest Flight 255, Kmart’s slow descent, and Kirk Kerkorian’s play for the Chrysler Corporation. He was also one of the first to cover the globalization of the auto industry.

More recently, under his leadership, the editorial page launched The News multimedia website, “Michigan View,” which serves as a magnet and springboard for politics, automobiles and more. And Finley’s work at “Am I Right?” a news and events talk show at Detroit Public Television, led to a series of statewide debates and nightly newscasts.

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