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As Membership Specialist at the Farmington YMCA, Booker Snow is able to work with youth and families that enjoy having a friend and a community servant. Booker started working at the Farmington YMCA in 2004 in sports. He has helped out in several different areas of the Farmington Y, including the front desk, wellness center, teen center, summer camp Ki Ka Pu and Camp Riley. In 2009, he played a key role in the successful mentoring program. Working at the Farmington Y as Membership Specialist allows Booker to not only get to meet new members as the come in, but to assist in helping people who are looking to be a part of the YMCA family. He was voted the 2010 William Malcolm Michigan Man of Style and Substance, and was featured at the Hard Rock Cafe as a performer & Gospel show host. He continues to help work with Rescue My Son & It Takes A Village Y'all, while making appearances and performing around the Metro Detroit area. Way to be a community service leader, Booker!

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