Our Next Event

Our guest for lunch this week was Oakland County Prosecutor, Jessica Cooper. Elected to the post in November of 2008, she is the first woman to ever hold that position. Prior to being elected prosecutor, she served a total of 28 years as a Judge sitting on the Southfield District Court, the Oakland County Circuit Court and the Michigan Court of Appeals. As the chief law enforcement officer in Oakland county, she works with 47 different police agencies, both state and federal, to see that the Michigan laws are enforced and convictions are obtained and affirmed. She leads an office with 180 employees in ten divisions and prosecutes cases involving violent crimes, robberies, domestic and child abuse, mortgage fraud and a variety of other crimes. Her office prosecutes between 14,000 and 20,000 cases a year and, under her stewardship, has a Circuit Court conviction rate of 97%. Jessica provided an update on synthetic drugs including K2, Spice and others.