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Our guest for lunch this week was Jasmine Millwood from the Lighthouse Family Charity. The mission of Lighthouse Family Charity is to heal the trauma of child abuse to children and families through prevention, awareness, support, and services. This is a subject near and dear to the hearts of our members, since our prior 85 years under the charter of the National _______ Club (name deleted to avoid legal complications, but you know who we mean), were devoted to this cause and the "blue ribbon".

Jasmine is also the author of "Unbreakable", in which she shares her painful memories of a child abuser and the twelve years spent in the Michigan Foster Care system. In this chilling memoir, Jasmine connects to her readers, while providing a message of hope and survival.

After describing her rescue, she further explained her long and rough road to recovery where nightmares caused fear, lack of self-confidence caused an eating disorder, and she longed for acceptance every day. Her memoir describes her battles as she learned to trust, love, and respect other people again.

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