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We had three very special guests for lunch this week: Katherine Martin, Paul Augsburger, Chris Wall. They all work with our After School programming in various capacities. Katherine Martin is a licensed professional counselor who specializes in child and adolescent counseling,  Kathy explained that we are all healthier physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally when we spend time outdoors. She enjoys sharing all the gifts that nature has to offer. Paul Augsburger brings thirty-three years of experience to the Wilderness Wellness Program as a park interpreter, park ranger and park manager. He has a natural ability to connect with others especially students. His passion for the outdoors is quite apparent in how he interacts with those participating in the program. In 1984 he received a M.A. in education and has been teaching most recently for Heavner’s Nature Connection in partnership with Farmington Hills. Chris Wall is a retired school administrator with thirty plus year with Huron Valley Schools. Chris has a teaching background in science.  His passion for the outdoors and for students is one of the many reasons Chris took a position with Heavner’s Nature Connections as an educational consultant. Together, they have been bringing out door programs to our community's After-School Program throughout the year.

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