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Our guest for lunch this week was Big Chuck McBride, a professional dog whisperer (when he talks, dogs listen). Dog whispering is believed to build trust and respect between human and dog. A whispered dog is obedient because the human pack leader asked it to be, and the dog trusts and respects its human pack leader. Dog whispering requires an understanding of dog psychology and language. This concept allows a human pack leader to awaken a dog’s instinct to follow, creating good dog behavior. Dogs are not human; they are animal first, canine second, and breed third. Chuck McBride can help any dog owner become the perfect pack leader in as little as 30 minutes. He creates balanced dogs by training humans. Many Xemplars were wondering if the same techniques can be used for children. He performed a live demonstration on Taby, a Golden Retriver apparently suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder, and possibly an inflated sense of self-worth. The results were quite remarkable.

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