Upcoming Events

Wednesday, September 25 @ 12:00pm Pamela Good: Beyond Basics
(Johhny's Italian Steakhouse, 33103 Hamilton Ct, Farmington Hills, MI 48334)

Wednesday, October 2 @ 12:00pm Donation Day!
(Johhny's Italian Steakhouse, 33103 Hamilton Ct, Farmington Hills, MI 48334)

Wednesday, October 9 @ 12:00pm Christine Greig: State Representative
(Johhny's Italian Steakhouse, 33103 Hamilton Ct, Farmington Hills, MI 48334)

WDIV Meteorologist Paul Gross was our featured speaker for our Administrative Professionals Day honorees this year. Everybody talks about the weather, but Paul Gross has finally done something about it! His book, Extreme Michigan Weather, The Wild World of the Great Lakes State is the first ever written about Michigan weather, delves into the mysteries of extreme Michigan weather, explaining how the state's harshest extremes and biggest storms come to be. Paul was selected by National Weather Service Headquarters as one of only two broadcast meteorologists nationwide to serve on its Severe Thunderstorm Criteria Team; also named one of the project’s four group leaders. He also received the National Association of Television Arts and Sciences Silver Circle Award, recognizing significant career contributions to the television industry.

Our guest for lunch this week was Denise Henderson, Karmanos Cancer Center's Community Outreach Educator. Her Workplace Wellness presentation is aimed at increasing awareness and knowledge about the risk of getting cancer, prevention measures to decrease that risk, early detection and clinical trials. She outlined current American Cancer Society and Karmanos Cancer Institute recommendations for men’s and women’s cancer screening and encouraged members to take an active role in their health. What a great prompt to join the F2H Fit Challenge! Denise also talked about how eating healthy and staying physically fit can help prevent cancer, and shared information about advances in treaments and diagnoses of breast cancer health.

This week our guest was Dave Rhuland from Farmington Public Schools. Dave is the Assistant Superintendent of Farmington Public Schools. He spoke with us about the FPS Facilities Forward Committee. This group is comprised of residents of the community, school administrators, board members, school staff and students. Their charge was to develop a vision for 21st century learning, and a plan for educational facilities to support that vision. Their goal was to come up with solutions that are technology-rich, age-appropriate, eco-friendly & sustainable, community-focused, and flexible or adaptable. Tomorrow, they will share with us the results of their research and some of the proposed solutions for our public schools looking forward. The total cost for these changes is estimated at $222 million, and the proposal will be on the August 5 ballot for residents to determine.

Our guest for lunch this week was Oakland County Prosecutor, Jessica Cooper. Elected to the post in November of 2008, she is the first woman to ever hold that position. Prior to being elected prosecutor, she served a total of 28 years as a Judge sitting on the Southfield District Court, the Oakland County Circuit Court and the Michigan Court of Appeals. As the chief law enforcement officer in Oakland county, she works with 47 different police agencies, both state and federal, to see that the Michigan laws are enforced and convictions are obtained and affirmed. She leads an office with 180 employees in ten divisions and prosecutes cases involving violent crimes, robberies, domestic and child abuse, mortgage fraud and a variety of other crimes. Her office prosecutes between 14,000 and 20,000 cases a year and, under her stewardship, has a Circuit Court conviction rate of 97%. Jessica provided an update on synthetic drugs including K2, Spice and others.

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